I have been online for over a year in the internet business. I started studying about internet marketing by spending about US$297 on the study. Before now, it was called Quick Internet Wealth Series which comprise of a 9 DVD video series which I learned various agreeable tips from the author who passed away a few years back. I indeed respect his teachings as he seems sincere with MyOptimind.

The start of my journey at the internet market was not a pleasant experience. Often times I thought about how Guru's reached their peak of satisfaction and made a big fortune at the comfort of their home by just making use of their PC. There was also a time I was doubtful about making a decent income online, as I thought it was a scam or probably a waste of time, but in all these, I still gave it a try. Every business comes with a risk, and this was a risk I was willing to take because I had a great mentor. Through my adversity and perseverance, I started collecting my first Internet Marketing cheques on a monthly basis before it paved ways to the creation of my second product here. After creating my second product, my income jumped from 3 figures to over 5 figures and surprisingly this blog that you are presently reading makes more income for me through advertisement reviews.



It is not a secret! The actual secret is working hard on doing just one single thing, which is marketing! You may be wondering, what does marketing entail? Quite simple! It means working hard to allow influx to the websites. I have mentioned this several times to my students and I will mention it again. There’s actually no sale if you can’t bring influx to your sites.

Unlike the majority of the people who fail in internet marketing in their first 3 months, I had a strong desire to succeed which led me to spend more hours daily on the internet marketing business and making use of 40% of the free time I had during work hours. This is one reason why I made this blog as well-known as what it is present, by generating over 500 visits per day.



The basic rule to make money online is very easy, you entice people to a website, if they like it, then they would buy it. In simple terms, there are basically three ways to drive traffic. Buy, steal and attract.

If you have not signed up for a flip-mode account, I strongly recommend you to do so by visiting the website. If you have never registered, how can you sell things online? So take your time in registering a genuine online account in order to promote your product.

My own product is the cosmic blogging and it is listed in the flip-mode as no.5 as at this morning under blogging which is a best seller. If you have signed up for flip-mode, you may ponder on selling my product by registering for free here.

If you can provide at least 120 people to visit the site, you can get at least a conversion rate of 5% to a single sale. This simply means that out of 120 people visiting my site, 5 people will actually buy the product which will result in 85% commission from the price shown.

I understood that selling small token items on Flip-mode was so awesome, but what tickled my fancy was the concept of having an opportunity to sell stuff online but earn the commission as high as US$1,000? Isn’t that interesting? Currently, I made some research whereby a numerous number of high tokens are priced from the range of US$800 to as high as US$4,800. However, you can make at least half of the price in profit.

I noticed most of the high tokens were sold by Gurus online, and you will be astonished to see how cheap it is to buy things online than buying from a departmental store. Have met several Gurus online but the one that tickled my fancy was John Locke’s social program. In this site, you can really earn a commission as high as US$2,000 per sale, which is an enormous commission, if you may ask.

Various marketers who have been selling $10 to $100 worth of goods online have been successful in selling them, but one astonishing scenario that occurred was when a friend of mine told me that selling high tokens were also as nice as selling small tokens. 

Furthermore, there are several factors to put into consideration when selling items. The initial thing you discover and know is that the sale process of the sales copy, as well as the sales copy on the page,  should possess a high conversion ratio.

In accordance with this website, he did state on one of his high tokens which are being converted at a quarter. In other words, it simply means that at least 4,000 hits to his website are equivalent to a thousand US dollars. If you need my opinion on the quickest way to acquire 4,000 hits, if you are very smart, make use of PPC or article marketing in order to acquire 4,000 in little or no time with lots of marketing skills and techniques.